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Virtual Assistant Workshop

Learn about virtual assistance at our interactive workshop

All sessions will be recorded and available to all participants for viewing


EarlyBird Offer = N20,000

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Day 1


  • What it means to be a virtual assistant

  • How to find your niche

  • Starting an online business

  • How to reach out to clients

  • Pricing

  • Essential tools for a virtual assistant & how to use them

Day 2


  • Social media management for clients

  • Calendar management for clients

  • Time management & organization

  • Balancing your professional & personal life

Day 3


  • Customer service etiquette

  • Personality types and how to relate with your client

  • Marketing for yourself and for clients

  • Research & analysis

  • Writing articles

Day 4


  • Basic project management

  • Writing reports

  • The art of making intuitive leaps

  • Finding the right tools for the task

  • Data analysis & management

Day 5


  • Individual evaluations

  • Assignment feedback