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Tasks You Can Assign To Your Virtual Assistant

As an entrepreneur, be you a sole business owner, part of a partnership, or even a small/mid-scale company, you need all the help you can get to keep your business afloat and thriving. Do this by outsourcing extra work to a Virtual Assistant; their job is to help you take the load off, help with parts of your business you’re not knowledgeable at, and even offer new ideas as to how to grow your business. They ultimately increase your efficiency, help save time, and so much more.

Getting a Virtual Assistant (VA) is one thing, knowing the kind of work to delegate is another. There are so many tasks you would need help with as a client, and assigning a VA who is adequately skilled to do what you needs to be done is the ideal way to go.

Here are some tasks you can assign your VA, and pick based on what you want to be outsourced.


This task is especially important for new business setups; clients looking to venture into a business will need research work to get the data they require on the product they are selling or the service they are offering. Virtual Assistants are well suited for this role, as they will take their time to find out the best systems for you and your business; as well as small-scale research on online bookings and other reservations that need to be done.

Content Writing/Creation

Another task to assign your VA is content-creation. Assign a VA that can take the reins on content on your blog or website, especially if you want a different type of content. A VA can also bring in new ideas on categories, web designs, visuals, and more.

Social Media Management

Social media presence is a big part of most businesses in today’s world, and getting a VA that can grow your presence is important. This requires a VA that’s great with content creation and analytics of the right social media tools and applications to make use of for each business; such as a VA that would prioritise Instagram as a social media for a restaurant business, because of the audience.

Virtual assistance is the way to go when you need help with today’s digital world. Rather than employing full time staff and increasing your overhead costs, a VA is fast, reliable, and can be assigned for short or long-term periods based on the tasks you need to be completed and your budget.

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