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A Guide To Virtual Assistance

Updated: Feb 16

A lot of people don’t really understand the concept of a virtual assistant so we thought we’d explain what a virtual assistant does and why they are useful tool for any professional.

A virtual assistant is an administrative assistant just like a regular personal assistant (PA). They’re self employed so you can think of them as an independent contractor and can provide administrative services to clients outside of the client’s office by accessing all necessary documents and communicating with their clients remotely.

Instead of having to hire a permanent PA, you can hire one virtually whenever you need assistance. Virtual assistants are especially useful if you’re constantly on the go because they can help you with your work no matter where or when you are in the world.

No matter your profession, a virtual assistant can only be an asset to your productivity.

What can a virtual assistant do for you?

A virtual assistant can help you with any task a PA can such as:

- Clerical and administrative tasks like bookkeeping; typing, editing and proofreading documents; writing or arranging essays, reports or projects; data entry and management, resume/c.v. preparation, transcription; business proposal research and review etc.

- Managing your calendar - They can help you make travel arrangements, schedule appointments etc

- Customer support - You can outsource your customer service to a virtual assistant who will ensure your customers get all the attention they need while making sure your brand leaves a great impression.

- Social media management - Sometimes managing your social media for work can be a hassle, a trained virtual assistant can do that for you.

- Brainstorming and research assistance - If you need some new ideas, a fresh perspective or in-depth research, hiring a virtual assistant is a good way to get this at an affordable price

Hiring a virtual assistant from Mimi The Virtual Assistant Service here can be even more useful because you can hire one that specialises in any particular area you need help in. For example:

- Building a regular or e-commerce website

- Content creation

- Managing your customer service or social media

- Planning corporate events

- Temporary staffing and many more.

In the long run, a virtual assistant will save you time and money because you can outsource the extra work so you can focus on what is most important.

Book a virtual assistant with us today!

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