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8 Free Business Tools For Startups

Updated: Feb 16

Starting a new business is definitely not an easy endeavour, but thankfully the internet is full of many resources that can make it easier.

Today, we’re going to tell you about 8 of them.

1. Google drive

- No matter your industry, google drive can be a big help. You can create documents using google docs and they are automatically stored in your drive. You can easily make presentations, excel documents and even convert to pdf. It’s especially handy if you are always on the go. You don’t have to create the documents with google docs either, any type of file can be stored on google drive and accessed wherever and whenever. All you need is internet access.

2. Paystack.

- If you’re starting a business, you definitely want to make a profit. Otherwise is it really a business? Paystack is an excellent tool for collecting payments. It’s easy to embed on your website or you can even create a dedicated link to send to customers. All they need is a debit card or a bank account. Paystack only takes a very small percentage as a cut and customers can be reassured that they are using a valid, safe and secure payment platform.

3. Eventbrite

- Networking can be vital to the success of a business. Eventbrite is a platform to find out about upcoming events near you or even put up one of your own!

4. Microsoft Onenote

- Microsoft one note is an extremely helpful digital notebook. It can help you capture ideas, and information on the go. And is available on your phone, tablet or computer.

5. Google calendar

- If you’re running a business, it is vital for you to remain on top of your schedule. Whether its appointments or reminders, google calendar will help you remember everything important.

6. Linkedin

- Every serious professional has a Linkedin account. It’s a useful social media site for networking and finding out about new opportunities but it is also an excellent tool for advertising yourself and your business.

7. Canva

- Visuals are an important aspect to consider when appealing to customers. Canva can help you create attractive and compelling images for free. You can design your logo or poster, find free stock images and even create eye catching presentations.

8. Mailchimp

- To make sure your customers don’t forget about you, it’s useful to stay in frequent contact with them. Mailchimp can help you create wonderful email campaigns that will impress and intrigue your clients.

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