1. What is the MimiVPA catch phrase?
2. Do we offer products or services at MimiVPA?
3. What does VA stand for in our line of business?
4. What's the major difference between a Personal Assistant and a Virtual Assistant?
5. What is MimiVPA's instagram handle?
6. How many followers does MimiVPA's facebook page currently have?
7. What time was MimiVPA's last post on instagram?
8. What's the theme of the MimiVPA September Workshop?
9. What text is written on the MimiVPA logo? 
10. What is MimiVPA's website URL?
11. What are the services MimiVPA offers as a Virtual Assistance provider? 
12. When was MimiVPA registered at the cooperate Affairs Commission? 
13. What are the colors on MimiVPA logo? 
14. What's the MimiVPA hashtag?
15.  Where is the venue for the upcoming workshop?
16. whats MimiVPA's twitter handle?
17. What's MimiVPA's facebook page?
18. What's the first information on MimiVPA's website slider? 
19. Who is a Virtual Assistant? 
20. What is MimiVPA's contact phone number on the website?
21. What % of Nigeria's population is unemployed?
22. What is the name of the CEO of MimiVPA?
23. What is the name of the COO of MimiVPA?
24. How many workshop sessions has MimiVPA held since inception?
25. Is working for MimiVpa remote or Co-Located?
26. How much does it cost to sign up for the MimiVPA workshop?
27.What is the staff strength at MimiVPA? (0 - 20), (20 - 50), (50 and Above)
28. Does MimiVpa have an anthem?
29. Does Mimi VPA provide services to individuals, businesses, clients, organisations or all of the above?
30. Can MimiVPA service International clients?

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